Hemp oil extract and CBD oil have been widely recognized for its many benefits on human health. It has grown in popularity amongst the medical community as a key supplement for maintaining homeostasis, the ability to regulate the chemical composition of the body’s fluids, so as to maintain health and functioning, regardless of outside conditions

Regular Instant Tea Packs, Take one in the morning and one in the afternoon (2 times for 5 days/Week Supply) ~This routine is for the Regular Iaso Detox Tea Only! (without the CBD) 1 week supply=10 Packs


For the CBD Detox Tea, you will need to only take 1 pack per 8 oz  for 5 days and then the other 2 days you will not need to consume any more detox tea, just let it work! 1 week supply =5 packs

Detox Tea Infused with CBD 1 week supply

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